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A* Store: Commissioned Character Art
Hello! You've found your way to an old page; I am not currently offering this service, so the ordering form is disabled.
Send me $25 and I'll draw you a nice picture of a subject of your choosing in my digital "Lasso Tool" style.
The complexity of these drawings is something on the order of a single detailed character, and a bit of background, in black and white, with maybe even some gray bits!
This character could be just about anything: your favorite book, movie, comic, celebrity, or historical figure, for instance, or even a character you've made up yourself. It doesn't necessarily have to be a human or creature; it could be a ship or planet, for instance.
Please note that I may choose to decline the work for any reason, in which case I will refund your money immediately. I will not, for instance, be drawing something that couldn't meet a PG movie rating.
Under normal circumstances, you will have your completed commission within two weeks, emailed in digital .png image format to the email address from which you sent payment. The image will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 pixels per side or higher--in other words, suitable for art printing. The image will be owned by you, but I reserve the right to show a low-resolution version of the finished commission in my portfolio, like the examples you see on this page.
I will of course correct any mistakes you bring to my attention--if I got the costume wrong, for instance--but please be aware that I won't be able to go back and forth with you on making subjective changes to the image. Thanks for understanding!
Use the form below to get started.
  • Don't assume that I know anything about the character! Use the fields below to provide all the information necessary. If you can put in a link to a drawing and/or detailed description of the character, that will be quite helpful.
  • Don't forget to mention what you want character to be doing in the picture, and the setting in which you want them to appear.


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