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Nit picking 
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Joined: Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:38 am
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Love the comic. First-rate concept and execution.

However, one smallish point keeps coming up: even in the distant future nobody would let her long bangs hang free in a space suit. It would be crazy in particular for someone characterized as being a heads-up individual to leave more than half her vision field obscured unpredictably, with no way to fix it short of some kludge like an AI-driven nano-scrunchie. The solution that 'feels' right for her character, to me anyway, would be to keep a buzz cut in space and grow/attach a coiffure when needed. If style demands it (and she clearly has a sense of style) then maybe a bun or something Leia-inspired could do the trick. Otherwise I keep feeling like some underpaid security schlub is about to show up on her blind side and cut the story short.

Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:54 am
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Yeah over the weekend it occurred to me that wait if her hair drifts in front of her face inside her helmet, there's no easy way to get it clear! You've definitely hit a good point. I *should* draw it pulled back.

Then again, drawing wild hair is one of the most fun parts of making the comic. I turn out to be way more disciplined than I think I am, I will probably end up letting this go as artistic license. I actually do that with a lot of things, drawing-wise--like ships not always being turned around to decelerate, because it's kind of confusing visually--although I suppose most of them aren't quite as "in her face" as this one.

Ooh, I *could* say that she can direct her air circulation system to blow the hair out of her eyes if necessary. >_> Or maybe even the suit design is to pump the air into the helmet from below the chin to keep that nice fresh breezy feeling. There's a thought!

Anyway if she does have implants that effectively give her eyes in the back of her head, as has been hinted before (toward the end of episode 11 was one example, I think? Oh yeah, Mar even compliments her on them :D), then the underpaid security schlub probably won't stand a chance in any case; and/or the wild hair is just another example Selenis taking risks normal people wouldn't take--sort of an effect that clone life has had on her. And come to think of it, the hair thing is probably less dangerous than wearing a transparent helmet in space (cosmic rays and so forth, you know!)--that's partially artistic license, partially Selenis just not caring about long-term health effects.

^ So yeah that's apparently my artistic side making a lot of excuses so that it can keep drawing breezy hair. ;)

Thanks for pointing it out, though! Maybe I'll manage to keep it from getting *too* out of hand.

Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:50 pm
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