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Sept1 2012, current action clarification? 
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Aloha from Il, been digging your story for a long time(couple years alraedy?) First and foremost, Thanks for the entertainment! It is always appreciated. Also, your space blogging has contributed to further surfing on many visits, so again, thanks for the shared science tips, cool stuff!
You always have a lot going on visually, I get a kick out of the nuances you pull off with what seems like less.

I am also posting here to inquire if you could briefly clarify what Selenis is currently up to. I am not sure what is going on... Which is rare, every once and a while I find myself saying ok, what IS she doing in this scene, and then it is obvious in the next scene. But I have been pseudo lost since she jumped a train. Was that the same planet as the Tree? She threw out some product* to make a spot for herself, got loaded in a rocket, and then teh rocket blew up after launch? Did she mean to do that? Was she expelled by the blast or escaping? and finally, was that to be a retroblast with fire/ice/air??? Sorry, but it just has been a long string of no knowing without any verbal cue (no need, of course as she is alone, I'm fine) but no text either

*Also, the earthboy doll is a recurring theme right? I swear I saw it but can't recall and don't have the huge chunk of time to do all th epage reloads. Can you say what the dolls were for- I was thinking the rocket is to the secret base, but what's up with the toys if she is not valueing them, pitching them away willy-nilly?
Any brief insight here would really be appreciated. No at length needed:)

Thanks and keep on rocking!

Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:40 am
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Thanks for reading, and sorry if this latest sequence is a little confusing! You aren't the only person who's had some questions about it.

You've guessed most of it correctly. The train was the same planet as the tree. The explosion that made a hole in the rocket's hull was from an explosive device Selenis planted on page 70. It was visible in her hand in the page before that, but that part of planting it was pretty unclear thanks to my trying to condense what probably should have been two pages down to one, and being frustrated with my drawing process and getting a little wild with the art there.

After she gets out of the rocket, she's using a thruster device she's been toting along since we first saw her driving up to the train. We'll see her using it again so hopefully by that time it'll be pretty clear.

We saw the Earthboy doll once before, in a poster in page 5 of this episode, so you might be subconsciously remembering that. :) They aren't really *for* anything directly involved with the plot--they're just Earth nostalgia products the Earth's Revival cult makes and exports from this planet, Nena. They're freight on the rocket, which is a freighter (as will come up once we get back to dialogue not too long from now); it wasn't going to the secret base, since no flights go there, as the bioarchivist warned Selenis in the tree scene. But it did get off the planet and past orbit, which is something.

Hopefully the next four pages will make a lot of this feel like it makes more sense. I have been intentionally keeping it a little mysterious, I'll admit--but also unintentionally a little too unclear in a spot or two, probably.

Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:52 pm
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