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Six from Sirius 
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"Six from Sirius" is a four-issue limited series, originally released under Marvel Comics' "Epic" label in the mid-80's, written by Doug Moench and drawn by Paul Gulacy. Epic allowed the creators to keep the rights to their work, so Moench and Gulacy were able to get the series printed later by another publisher as a graphic novel, which you can get from Amazon.

I read them when they first came out, back when I collected comic books regularly--which was a long time ago now--but was somehow reminded of them recently by an A* daily comic I drew: Episode 5, Daily 116.


I think it was because of the (for me) detailed, fairly realistic facial drawing combined with several layers of gray gradients, plus a space theme. It reminded me of Gulacy's amazing work in Six from Sirius, where he made washes of color over black-heavy inks, drawn very realistically. His incredibly refined renderings could be called a little stiff and sterile, perhaps, and most of his female faces are pretty identical, and sometimes a bit too long, but the overall look of the art is still astounding. I haven't seen any of the other comics Gulacy worked on, but skimming over samples on the web, it appears to have been very rare for him to handle pencils, inks, and color in the same book like he did with Six from Sirius. He could also draw in different styles, and much of his comic book art looks more typically Marvel super-hero style.

He and Moench were frequent collaborators, but I can't say I particularly care for the writing in Six from Sirius; the plot relies on gimmicks like dopplegangers, telepathy, and group consciousness, has a lot of names that don't exactly trip off the tongue (the group's leader, a male, is "Jakosa Lone," for instance), is burdened by very heavy-handed dialogue whose word bubbles often move in unintuitive directions across the page, and which contains some pretty questionable turns of phrase--heck, he even uses a split infinitive at one point--and resolves itself in somewhat deus ex machina fashion, with a "say what?" major character development thrown in for no apparent reason.

But the art is great (slightly blurred in the graphic novel re-issue, but not too badly). There was a second Six from Sirius four-issue limited series, "Six from Sirius II," which I don't think I ever read, and it unfortunately hasn't been collected into a graphic novel.

Oh yeah, and the beginning of Six from Sirius include hiding in an asteroid field, and surreptitiously burning through hull of a torus-shaped space station ("Roundwall")! The series definitely isn't hard sci-fi, but maybe I still got some of my A* ideas from it, all those years ago!

Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:09 pm
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