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A* Store: Photo-based Portraits
Hello! You've found your way to an old page; I am not currently offering this service, so the ordering form is disabled.
Send me $10 and a photo, and I'll draw it as a unique digital portrait in my own inimitable "Lasso Tool" style.
Please note that I may choose to decline the work for any reason, in which case I will refund your money immediately. I prefer photos to be a close-up of a face; these portraits are not for things like, say, a drawing of your full football team! These are simple, gestural drawings; basically, I trace loosely from the photo, with gusto! and using my own interpretation of the image. I work quickly to keep it lively and life-like.
Under normal circumstances, you will have your unique portrait within the week, emailed in digital .png image format to the email address from which you sent payment. The image will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 pixels per side or higher--in other words, suitable for art printing.
Use the form below to get started.
  • If the photo you want me to work from is available online, enter its Internet address ("URL") in the first field below. If the photo is NOT online, after making your payment, you can just send the photo as an email attachment to the specific email address you will see on the payment page (and which you will get in an emailed purchase confirmation)--please send it from the same email address that you used to make the purchase, so that I know who you are!
  • Please note in the second field below if you do NOT own the copyright to the image--for instance, if you just took a photo of your favorite celebrity from a magazine. I ask this only because if you DO own the copyright to the image, I reserve the right to use a low-resolution version of the finished portrait drawing in my portfolio, like the examples you see on this page; the image itself will still remain the copyright of the individual owner, ie you!
Examples (more in the portfolio):


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