A* Episode 46, Page 50

AP News: US company Intuitive Machines says its Odysseus Moon lander is tipped over after touchdown on the Moon, burying some of its antennae and leaving it communicating with a weak signal.
Astronomers spot new tiny moons around Neptune and Uranus says AP News: "The latest tally puts Neptune at 16 known moons and Uranus at 28." The newly spotted Uranian moon is only about 5 miles across; "We suspect that there may be many more smaller moons."
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^ Pencil sketch for a reader supporting the comic through my Patreon campaign! Mammoth thanks to everyone helping me with the comic!! ^ D^
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^ Cover to The X-Men #4, March 1964. Jack Kirby pencils, George Roussos inks, Stan Goldberg colors, Artie Simek letters. (Stan Lee script?) Photoshop color reduction.


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