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  The astounding sharing buttons of yesteryear!Sep 11, 2014 7:01 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:I added "+1," "Tweet," and "Like" buttons below the right side of the comic images, so if you're on Google Plus, Twitter, or Facebook and want to let the rest of that social network know you really like a particular A* page, you can just click that network's respective button and get yourself counted! Yes, I am now up on the latest internet sharing wave of five or ten years ago! : D
UPDATE: Removed the buttons 'cause the way they wait a second or so to appear was too distracting. Get back to me when you've invented faster buttons, social networks! : P
(There is also still the old, sedately gray "SHARE" widget immediately beneath the comic image which, with maybe a click or two more, gives you access to 289 OTHER networks and programs and apps or whatever the heck they have these days for sharing internet stuff these days. 292 total! I've never even heard of most of them! Man I'm so bad at this stuff.)
(Dev note! The Facebook Like button, not surprisingly, had a bit of a problem: in the mobile version of the Chrome browser, it forces out a ~20-pixel space above and below itself as it loads, shoving the rest of the page content out of the way momentarily, which makes pages sort of jump around while the FB button muscles its way in. Giving it "absolute" CSS positioning in the page code prevents that, thankfully.)
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