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  New episode, new way to go art crazyOct 16, 2014 11:36 AM PDT | url
Added 2 new A* pages:Ah yes, it's been ages since we had a talk with Mother, hasn't it? This one will be brief but! hopefully full of pith.
In a more regular A* tradition, I get an episode off to a somewhat rough art start once again. ^_^ But! It actually got *so* rough that it forced me to take drastic action to the precious feathered pencils I'd noodled away at all day
and erase them, leaving just the watercolor I'd put over them—and *that* of course had condensed the profusion of lines into big solid masses, which is something I've been telling myself to do but haven't had the guts to for quite some time now. Granted, it's all a bit cattywampus because it wasn't exactly planned to go that way (actually it had deviated from the nice neat easy plan I'd had in my head the second watercolor hit the paper >_>), and what I *really* should be doing is gathering those masses up in the pencil phase, so then I have nice neat outlines to go into with the watercolor so I can hit them with all sorts of fun color blends and so forth, and also so I don't have to do much erasing across the dried watercolor, which can fade it a bit (in today's page I went back and repainted the whole thing after penciling in the outlines around the initial watercolors : P).
Sooo yeah that is what I have to make myself do! I always start each new episode thinking "okay now I've got my method down, this will be a nice, artistically consistent episode from start to finish!" aaaand it has never worked out that way, at least not since I switched to doing the art traditionally. And at this point I don't expect it ever will because I'm always changing my mind about how I want to draw. Well, what are ya gonna do, at least I'm gettin' out there and tryin' new things, right? : o It's anybody's guess how I'll be doing things by the end of episode 23!
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