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  A reader w/ nice camera took a photo for you!Oct 17, 2014 11:27 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:I was so excited to mail off the last two sketches for August—the ones I draw and send to folks who are supporting the comic through my Patreon campaign—that I forgot to take photos of them first so I could show them to the rest of you! But I asked one of the recipients if they could maybe take a photo of their sketch for me when they got it, and not only did they, they took a really nice photo (note to self: always get people with nice cameras and photography skills to take photos for you : o) so THANK YOU lovely sketch recipients <3<3<3 and you might want to thank them too, um I guess in a general talking-to-yourself way, because now I can show you one of those sketches!
This was what made me try doing some of the pages just before the end of the last episode in a slightly different way, with some pools of pre-mixed purples in my palette, because when I painted this and the other sketch, I just took whatever colors were left in my palette from working on previous day's A* page, rather than mixing fresh blue and magenta together as needed, and it actually worked out pretty well! Like, I think it kind of forced me to be a bit more playful and "well I guess we'll just try this here!" with the colors or something. And while I probably won't do *too* much of that for A*—it got a little messy ; )—it did teach me that I can make really nice big smooth gradients by throwing down a couple prepared colors and blending them on the paper with a big brush, like I did for the rectangular background areas of the final page of the last episode, so that was very useful.
Anyway if you enjoy this comic and you'd like to see it keep going then do think about maybe dropping me a buck or two a month the automatic and easy way through my afore-linked Patreon campaign, it is a *huge* help! HUGE! I won't abuse HTML tags by rolling in a larger font but yeah, it's important! And B-I-G thanks to everyone who is already helping me out there, thank you, thank you, thank you!
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