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  Just go limp!Oct 25, 2014 12:47 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:The funding contributions people have signed up to send me each month through the A* Patreon campaign are a huge help while I work on the comic. Thank you very much, Patreon contributors! Here's a sketch I sent to one such reader semi-recently as the reward for their support through Patreon in September:
I thought this sketch came out undeservedly well; it was one of those cases where, not having to draw anything in particular, I kind of let my mind go blank and then my pencil did stuff and somehow I had this sort of uncanny face staring back at me...probably mirroring my own blank look as I was drawing it or something! Well I don't really know how that all works but I wish I could harness that for drawing specific scenes for the daily A* pages. Maybe that comes with time? : P Kinda reminds me of you know how some people say they can control their dreams; the older brother of a friend of mine told him that while the rest of us were having disquieting visions of finding we'd somehow accidentally gone to school without our clothes on (how does that even come up? there is no way that could ever happen, subconscious! =P), he was flying over the city and having all kinds of fun. Of course, we only had his word for it, but at the time it seemed kinda credible somehow. =p
I've been finding that I often get my best painting results when the scene happens to have the main light source behind the subject / in front of the camera, like the primary star in today's A* page. I don't consciously plan scenes out that way to set it up, but it seems to happen on its own pretty frequently—pages 100 and 105 at the end of the last episode worked out that way, for instance, just to mention a few. And when I particularly struggle with a painting, it seems to be usually because I don't have a handle on the lighting situation. So I really *should* plan lighting out more carefully when conceiving the scenes in an episode, yes I should.
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