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  ROM, G.I. Joe, and even older Marvel comicsMar 04, 2015 11:37 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:I don't have a real blog entry today because I was distracted by the internet (again), particularly by A Brief History of 'ROM: Spaceknight' in Marvel Comics; I thought I already knew more than I wanted to about ROM, that kooky '80s armored alien hero guy based on a really clunky late '70s electronic robot toy, since my brother was collecting the later part of the original comic series as it was coming out back in the day, but this article has some details I didn't know about, like how ROM once stole a ship from the Fantastic Four to fly back to his home planet, and that he once fought Power Man & Iron Fist. Neat.
I was also surprised by the article's mention of Marvel's "G.I. Joe" licensed comic having originally been a pitch by writer Larry Hama for a series based on Marvel's "Nick Fury" super-spy character—but in retrospect it's so obvious that the Joe enemy organization "Cobra" was repurposed from the old Marvel baddie group "Hydra." Gosh!
In other old comics news that nobody should care about, I am currently on a mission to read all the comics on Marvel's Marvel Unlimited service (read all the digitized 6-months-or-older Marvel comics you can for like $5 a month), chronologically—at least up through the '80s : p. They start in 1939, and after a month or two I'm up to 195...2? But that's only because there's a gap from about '45 to '51. : P Which is probably good because most of those early Marvel (Timely) Golden Age comics were pretty rough. : o
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