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  Purple MudMar 27, 2015 3:44 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Ooh an unsolicited email from a 3rd-party site optimization bot suckered me into tidying a few old files up, which led me into tidying up some obscure old scripting issues, and here we are super-later than ever. Will I get a page done tomorrow? Come back and find out! : o
(The obscure stuff was like the first 29 or so news posts I ever made here weren't properly searchable anymore because they were stored in an older, slightly different format, and uhh oh yeah I had an old thingy that let me set a custom color for hyperlinks in news posts, but I haven't needed those to be different from the page default for ages now, so it was just there kind of wasting cycles and bandwidth, in its own extremely minor way, but now it's deleted entirely, so we can all breathe easier knowing no redundant font coloring is happening. Or less, anyway. Whew! : p)
(Speaking in hushed tones as we are of redundant coloring, I felt like there was maybe a little of that going on in today's A* page—I seem to be gradually learning to get the watercolors darker and more saturated, which certain has its uses, but then the danger there is going a little overboard now and then and getting kind of thick and muddy. Oh well, can't have progress without kicking up some mud here and there, right? Mm, mud. Purply mud.)
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