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  A* art show at Lighthouse Roasters, SeattleMay 02, 2015 8:05 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Got a new show of A* art up today! It's at Lighthouse Roasters in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood (map)—17 A* pieces for your viewing pleasure, expertly framed by my dad, who also helped me rig them all up on the walls there, which is no mean feat with their deluxe double suspension line hanging system. Thanks dad (as well as the other folks instrumental in these things, who know who they are : )! The A* artwork will be looming there for the whole month of May. Check out the swank little feature about the show right there on their site at the link above. : )
Speaking of art showing, the Big A* Original Art Sale is entering its third mighty week right here on this site, and the two ink pieces I featured last week both ended up selling, so I guess I'd better point out a few more! These are just examples, mind you; the sale applies to all pieces of art for sale through this site—each one is just $10! Yep that's right, you too can snap up the original 16"x6.75" watercolor paintings I make each day for A*'s comic pages, as well as any of my ink illustrations, pencil drawings, painting experiments or whatnot, all for just $10 a pop. : o Look for the gold "original art" link at the lower left of the comic images, or for a similar "buy" link next to artwork in the episode galleries.
Okay so the examples still available for sale at the time of this writing that I'm picking this week are two quite recent ones! The first features Selenis in action, cannon fire, and explosions—what more could anyone ask for? : o And the second is a detailed and moody portrait of Selenis that I only just made available for the sale, since I had extended its initial appearance, on eBay, for an extra week after a buyer there asked if I could keep it available a bit longer. But now it's up for the free-for-all that is the Big A* Original Art Sale here, so have at it! Clicking either thumbnail image below will take you to that piece's shopping screen with a big photo of the actual painting in my hands, and more details:
Image Image
And there are still plenty of others left to buy, just keep an eye out for that gold "original art" link at each image's lower left corner as you flip through the comic. : ) Thanks to everyone who's been buying the art!
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