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  Emergency old comic salvage op!May 12, 2015 12:02 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:An emergency situation arose this weekend when my brother contacted me to say that the next day he'd be giving away our comic collection! My childhood! So I rushed over there to make sure that we salvaged the good stuff before the kids he hoped to give it to got their hands on it. ^_^ I'd forgotten we had so many comics—I think there were about hm a little over a dozen long boxes, I guess, although I think he's added some to those since we more or less stopped collecting in the early '90s—so most of our stuff is mid-to-late '80s, primarily Marvel.
Most of *that* stuff I can read digitally on Marvel's "Marvel Unlimited" app / web site service, but I'll be darned if I'll give up, say, my complete John Byrne "Fantastic Four" run anyway. ; ) But my brother was already keeping that to read, so no problem there. I saved a bunch of other Byrne stuff and brought it home with me, though—and a lot of it I didn't even know we had and am super-excited to (re)read, because most of it isn't on Marvel Unlimited for one reason or another: his Superman stuff, his very first comic for Marvel (Champions #11), his Iron Fist run, his Alpha Flight run, his Namor and She-Hulk series, his short Hulk, Avengers, and Star Brand runs, the "What If Phoenix Hadn't Died" issue he did, oh and some What Th-? issues where he had some little parody stories done in a really good cartoony style.
And other stuff! Frank Miller's weird "Ronin," loads of old Marvel Two-in-Ones and Marvel Team-Ups, Incognito (which is a more recent series my brother got lately), the "Bwa-ha-ha" Justice League issues, the old Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, a few Bill Sienkiewicz "Moon Knight" issues, some old Marvel graphic novels (like the Byrne "She-Hulk" one, and the Miller and Sienkiewicz "Daredevil" one), Arthur Adams' old "X-Men" annuals, some beat-up super-old stuff like Kirby's "OMAC" #1, an old Kirby Captain America "GIANT SIZE" annual, some tattered and ancient Avengers issues (as early as issue 13! : o), some "Asterix" books my brother picked up somewhere, and a couple other odds and ends; all in all it's a little over one long-box full of stuff. My brother set aside another four or so boxes of keepers at his place, and I guess all the rest he's working on getting into young impressionable hands.
Yay old comics!
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