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  4 days left in art auction; giants old & newJun 30, 2016 9:05 PM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:First, I need to mention that there are four days left in the auction for the new Selenis watercolor painting I did this past weekend; here's a glimpse of it—the eBay auction page has the full view!
Second, some of you newer readers may not have been around for it, so while we're in this giant (of the robo monster kind) scene here in A*, I may as well mention that back in the early days of A*, when behind-the-scenes A* stuff wasn't eating into my weekends and I was otherwise free and frolicsome : D, I spend my Saturday nights making a weekly black and white fantasy comic called The Princess and the Giant, involving a young princess and, yes, a giant—though a young and friendly one. PatG ran from 2009 to 2012, technically, although toward the end it got sort of weirdly off-topic and random. (._(. (I was doing some other comics at the time, too. ":P)
I hadn't even thought of the connection until I actually sat down and started drawing this latest giant—and a day or two ago a long-time reader pointed it out, too—but I guess I've still got giants on the brain to some degree. They're fun to draw, although it can be pretty darn tricky to keep finding ways to fit giant-sized and normal-sized people in the same panel. So maybe we'll just have a giant in A* every four episodes or so, how's that? = D : P Ooh! And we can rename it "Supergiant Black Hole A*"! : D Yessssssss.
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