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  Bowie and Hot Chocolate, A*-styleSep 29, 2010 8:08 AM PDT | url
Added 2 new A* pages:Reader (nice marketing there, RW ;) observed on page 10:127's mirror on ComicFury that Selenis was looking distinctly David Bowie-like yesterday, and I think he's probably on to something there, seeing as how I was on a Bowie YouTube blitz back in May. Is Bowie a good look for Selenis? Do I have Bowie on the brain? Will our hero survive!?!?!
I'd forgotten to mention that late last week I added an enlarged detail from page 10:105 to the episode 10 gallery:
The galleries can be accessed via the "episode list" link in the site's top menu, by the way (and some day I really should find a way to make that a little more self-explanatory...).
I made that detail because I was finally getting around to putting that page on my deviantART, which is kind of a collection of what seem to me to be the most successful of my comic drawings. I'm still way behind on that and I need to catch up, because it's what my dad and I will use for selecting the pieces to print, matte, and frame for the exhibition of my stuff that's going to be running at the swanky Caffè Fiore in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood from November through December. Yep, you could go have some (really good) coffee or hot chocolate (:)) while checking out nicely framed prints of what I hope will be my best A* and other drawings. So that's super-exciting and I gotta get caught up on my deviantART page so we can get started on that.
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