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  A whishin' and a washin'Oct 12, 2011 5:56 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Well I took care of my largest commission yet (a double portrait!) today (that I can't show you :P), and then I spent way too much time formulating and playing with ink washes. I've got a little blackish rainbow of them now in five spice bottles...which I don't think have absolutely watertight lids. So I'm well on my way to having everything in my apartment slightly ink stained, which I think will be fun, or at least inevitable. And I had trouble deciding on how dark to go on this page with the washes, so eh well I think I learned a thing or two in the process; I wanted to try going lighter on the black lines, which I thought were a bit too heavy-handed in the page I did yesterday.
So I don't have much else to show you, but I did come across a couple interesting sciencey articles the other day sort of related to A* type of issues:
- Titanium treasure found on Moon talks about scientists having found--through study of Moon rocks brought back by the Apollo 17 astronauts in 1972, and through Hubble photos of their landing site--that certain ore deposits on the Moon have ten times the titanium content of similar ores on Earth. Titanium being somewhat valuable, this suggests a potential lunar industry.
- Paralyzed man moves robot arm with his mind tells us about a guy in a research study at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center who, though physically paralyzed himself, has learned to control a robot arm to a certain extent by thinking about it; a chip planted on the surface of his brain reads the brain's activity and is apparently able to discern which parts of that activity are about moving the arm. This has of course been done for decades with primates of various sorts, but this implanted chip thing seems relatively non-invasive, so perhaps this represents something of a refinement.
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