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  Too much white or not enough blackOct 14, 2011 8:41 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:These last few pages have been an interesting experiment (in this one here I even started from the blank page with light washes, gradually going to darker ones, and then just barely a touch a pure black ink at the end), but as you can probably guess, right after this moment the light goes out, and I can get back to nice zippy blackness. I think with going *all* gray washes, I lose the snap of the drawing--it really does get a bit washed out. So I think maybe you'll see me using them more as solid fills (like I did in the first one, 136) and maybe I'll be able to bring in stand-alone washes in areas where I'm more comfortable with them. But anyway yeah back to black, whew!
Which reminds me: thanks to everyone who's been giving me feedback on this change from digital to traditional art on the comic! I've been getting a *lot* more feedback than I usually do since the switch, and it's pretty much all been really positive and encouraging, and I really really appreciate it--and it's driving me to try to learn and get better at it with each page.
Speaking of which, I did another black and white photo-based portrait for a reader today! I also had to raise the prices on these a little ($10 now! =o) 'cause I've been completely unable to resist spending waaaaay more time on them than I'd originally intended. But see, how could you *not* spend the time necessary to capture an expression like this one:
Scanning the pages at 1200 dpi is resulting in source image files that are over 100 MB each, even when zipped with maximum compression. If I ever do get back to doing two pages a day that could be about 4 GB of source image files per month--that could kind of add up! I mean heck over time that's gonna be a lot of burned backup DVDs, even. And what if my ancient, tinder-dry apartment burns down, etc. So today I signed up for Amazon S3 ("Amazon Simple Storage Service"), which lets me upload bajillions of bits of data to what is supposedly pretty secure backup storage on Amazon servers, and for a pretty reasonable monthly fee. Zipped up, all my comic stuff so far has come to about nine gigabytes, and...looks like I've got about five gigabytes of that still to go in this long initial upload. But at least when Seattle is wiped off the map in the coffee wars, my ridiculously high resolution scans will still be safe (uh assuming part of Amazon's "redundancy" in their S3 storage includes backup servers *not* in the Seattle area =o).
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