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A* Store: Sketches
Hello! You've found your way to an old page; I am not currently offering this service, so the ordering form is disabled.

For $30 I'll draw you a unique, hand-drawn image of everyone's favorite galactic bounty hunter, Selenis, executed in luscious black ink on a hand-cut, 4.25" x 7.5" page of nifty 150 lb heavy French illustration paper. Each sketch you order is done fresh by me just for you--a real, original piece of A* artwork that belongs to you alone! This is not a print, it is the actual piece of paper on which I put ink with a brush and possibly other hand-wielded implements of art-making. Oh, and all materials used are acid-free, whatever that means. :)
Use the order form below to order your unique sketch. I sign each one; if you want me to sign it "To" a particular name, be sure to enter that name in the field provided above the "Add to cart" button--otherwise I will default either just to signing it, or maybe signing it "To" the name attached to the order payment.
Your sketch will be of roughly the same detail level as the examples you see here. You *cannot* request a particular pose, setting, clone, or costume for Selenis--basically, I draw her however the mood strikes me, and you receive a nice surprise. :) Heck, order multiple sketches, and each one will probably be pretty different! All I guarantee is that the quality will be comparable to the examples here, it will use the same materials, it will be one of a kind made just for you--or whoever you're having it dedicated "To"--and Selenis will be in it!
Please note that I reserve the right to display a low-resolution photo of your sketch for portfolio purposes, so I can show people what a cool drawing I did for you. In general I will try not to post such a photo online until you've received the sketch, since I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. :D
If I'm busy-ish it could take me up to a couple weeks to get your sketch done and mailed to you, so thank you in advance for your patience. Shipping (calculated during checkout) is by USPS Priority Mail, and comes to $6 for US locations (includes Delivery Confirmation), and $17 elsewhere. 9.5% sales tax is added for sales to destinations in my home state of Washington. Payment is handled by PayPal, but you can use a credit card without needing to sign up for a PayPal account.
I will email you once it's in the mail! Thanks for your order; I think you'll like the sketch. :)
Examples (more/larger in the portfolio):


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