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  Indie art cred? My Disney rejection letterJan 29, 2013 2:06 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:My parents are trying to clean out old junk, and wanted me to come over and look through three boxes of old stuff I hadn't realized they'd kept all these years. I'm happy to see most of it go, but there were a few interesting bits in there, like this:
1996 was the year I graduated from the University of Chicago with a BA in Art & Design. I'd had some vague idea of going into "graphic design," but once I actually looked into what that was--you know, making logos and ads out of vectors and stuff--I realized I had no desire whatsoever to make that my life's work. I do not remember having applied to Disney--or their video game etc "Disney Interactive" branch, at any rate--during that time, but apparently I did; I certainly had had no lifelong desire to work for the Walt Disney Company, so perhaps I just applied as a (weak) means of convincing my parents I was job hunting; or maybe I thought it was just a thing every aspiring artist does; or, at any rate, there was a slim chance that some mistake might be made and I might be accidentally hired, so it was worth a shot.
I have to say, it's an awfully nice rejection letter, and far better than the small portfolio I'd sent them probably deserved...although you'll be able to judge that for yourself as I intend to scan some my less horrible digital artwork of the time, which I also found--in print form--in various old boxes today. I like to think that Disney had a whole division dedicated to writing the world's nicest rejection letters, although that is probably not the case. But the Disney watermark on the middle right and the small print at the bottom do show that this, at least, is a genuine "Part of the Magic of The Walt Disney Company."
My dad pointed out today--a little late, perhaps--that in my application letter I should have mentioned that my grandmother had worked for the company: she'd worked briefly, he tells me, as a Disney secretary in Burbank back in the day. Clearly, I should have been grandchilded in.
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