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  Maybe if I tried some eyeliner...May 28, 2013 3:26 AM PDT | url
Added 2 new A* pages:Sheesh it's taking me longer and longer to draw these, I swear. One thing I ran into on the second page was something I've run into just a few times before, but it's a tricky one; see, generally if you're having trouble with some facial feature you can look in a mirror and be reminded that oh yeah that's what a nostril does at the bottom, or ah okay so that's what eyes look like when seen from a low angle; this sounds good and all and it's very tempted to use it when confronted with something tricky like the low angle view of Selenis' face there, but the problem comes when a specific feature you're trying to get--eyes, in this case--specifically do not look like the corresponding feature on your own face; which is to say, my eyes do not look like Selenis' eyes, especially--apparently--at a low angle, and so I was having trouble getting them drawn right when using the mirror as a reference point, which made me think I had to use the mirror more attentively, which just made things worse. : P So finally you realize you don't have a good reference and just have to draw the darn things without reference, and viola things start to get better. Strange stuff, this drawing business.
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