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  Hide the art, company's comingAug 15, 2014 3:43 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:There is an interesting A* art phenomenon transpiring, which is that the original art for pages 57 and 58, a couple of the more technically and aesthetically accomplished things I've ever managed to paint, aren't getting any nibbles in their auctions (57's ended with no bids, and 58's has just one day left, still no bids), which, thank goodness—or more specifically, the goodness of some dedicated A* art collectors!—is highly unusual these days, at least for a reasonably competent page featuring Selenis solo. I wonder if it's because they're also among the more risque pages I've done?
At any rate it's just as well there's still such a thing as Patreon, because every buck or two or ten (: o) that people choose to send my way each month through the A* Patreon campaign goes to helping keep this crazy comic going! This vital assistance is *very* much appreciated, and people supporting the comic through Patreon can even qualify for cute little monthly rewards, like free e-books or actual sketches mailed to their door. Here's an ink sketch I mailed out to a supporter as the reward for their help through Patreon for the month of June:
And I don't *think* any of my supporters over there dropped me because of that last scene, so, whew! They are wonderfully tolerant and generous folk. : )
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