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  Unseen drawings rescued from the stream!Sep 22, 2015 11:08 PM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:If didn't catch me drawing the last two pages live on Twitch (or didn't watch them later in my temporary Twitch archive, or when I copied them over to YouTube for permanent storage), you might not recognize these drawings:
Or maybe you do! Because they're the pencil drawings for the past two days' A* pages, before I went all watercolor on them (and then erased the remaining free pencil lines). I was all excited finally being able to get back to drawing Selenis' face after weeks of her being undercover in that all-concealing helmet, and actually managed some pretty decent renditions of her, by my standards. So I was happy with that, but probably got a little overly ambitious when applying watercolor—thinking of multicolored gradient, semi-abstract shading glory—and the final results ended up pretty different from the pencils!
For the first few hours afterwards this sort of thing puts me in the Pit of Despair (pull up a chair), and certainly there are certain details I would like to have preserved better (arms and shoulders not least among them!), BUT it is safe to say that if I had been more conservative with the painting (or at least stuck to something more like lighter, monochromatic shading in the tricky spots like the back of the neck and head), I never would have ended up with some of the weird and strange accidents that ended up happening.
I keep thinking there's some eureka moment I'll have some day when I realize how to preserve the initial drawing perfectly while also ending up with an independent, dynamic painting, but... Well, there's always the option of going a little lighter on the paint and not erasing the pencils at all, and sometimes I do like the result of that, but other times it just feels like a compromise, something that isn't as strong as paint by itself *could* have been (if done well ; ). I suppose the real solution is to do all these things enough times that I finally learn which approach will yield the best effect for the given piece. Going with light blue shading for the shadowed side in today's painting probably *would* have been a better move than the highly saturated red I started with, which catapulted me into a long battle with multiple layers of white ink and darker paints...but hey, then we wouldn't be having this interesting conversation! : P
Oh yeah and speaking of watching on Twitch, if you are wanting to do that with your Android or Apple mobile device, you'll probably have better success using the Twitch app for that, rather than trying to do it through your mobile's web browser—which can yield very sluggish results! Twitch's app—the one I've used on Android, anyway—is actually pretty good. (And they even put in a remarkably quick fix to a device-specific bug I reported a while back. : ))
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