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  The A* domain we shall never mention again :pDec 18, 2017 10:28 PM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:If you are used to accessing this site through a certain domain name that is considerably more verbose than "," well, you'll want to switch over to just plain some time in the next three years, after which point that other, longer domain name's registration will expire. : P
See, back when I first registered, I thought I should also have a longer version of the URL that would be more self explanatory, because what is a "smbhax" and how do you even pronounce it, anyway? And I put that longer version in A* gallery images and stuff that I made, so that in case they got reposted somewhere else, someone seeing them would see that long URL, read it like a title, and maybe get an idea from that of what the site was about and whether they might want to visit.
So that's great and all, but some time between then and the last time I paid to renew the registrations—I guess probably two years ago—domain names got considerably more expensive to keep around. = o It's kind of silly to pay all those buckaroos for a long domain name that I never use anymore anyway, and I'm gonna drop it, and just keep I've gone through and wiped the other one out from all the images and blog posts and everywhere else I can find it on this site, and eh hopefully Google will forget about it soon, too. = p
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