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  Free ads, comics, and space animationDec 11, 2009 5:59 PM PST | url | discuss | + share
Ad rates on the web just about double in the big holiday ad blitz, but the stars have aligned for me this Christmas season or something, because, thanks to the massive generosity of others, A* has not just one but TWO free ads running this week! Yay!
First, a fine fellow known as Jelly Bean Sniper has been kind enough to host an A* ad in the ad rotation on his new comic, The Space Between. Thanks, JB! It appears in alternation with others at the bottom right corner of his comic, and looks like this (I also did up a Princess and the Giant one, not that he's running it but eh just for symmetry I guess =P):
Image Image
The A* one lives on the icons page.
Second, the fairly famous Fesworks of such projects as The Webcomic Beacon and his comic P.S.I. has kindly put an A* banner in rotation with others for a week on the Rampage Network forums. The Rampage Network hosts a bunch of fine comics which of course you should check out. Thanks for the free ad, Fesworks!
Added 1 new A* comic:Today's comic is brought to you by my good friend, Photoshop's Smudge Tool, which I will proceed to exploit way too much, as I often do with my good friends. Yay friends!
I know it's a bitter time when I only upload one A* comic per day during this frenzied animating period at the end of each episode, but I almost forgot that I did put up a new -word- poem comic yesterday, sooo it's *almost* like two comics in a day, right? Sorta? The new poem thingy is called "RMHN," and the secret meaning of that acronym is revealed inside!
Speaking of the animating, it's pretty interesting this time around what with all the atmosphere's and gasses involved. For instance, remember the nebula swooping in on Pyrite, as seen in episode 6 dailies 10 and 11? Well, here it is animated (click-um the icon to get to the full version in the gallery—it's about a 5 MB animated GIF):
SPACE GOES 3D! Actually it's just panning layers in Photoshop. Still it's not a bad illusion, eh? It will be in the episode 6 movie along with a bunch of other neat stuff which I am about to get back to animating after I finish all today's news!
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