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  Episode 6 animation, sound, or whatDec 16, 2009 5:58 PM PST | url | discuss | + share
Added 1 new A* comic:Almost at the end of putting the pre-sound animation together. Here's a rough preview of a bit I put together yesterday:
So I should be getting on to the sound later today, and keeping my neighbors up all night with funny voices.
I've only got one daily comic left for this episode, and I've gotta save that until the day the animated episode is done, so that means that we're going to have a day or two here where I don't have a new A* comic for you! I am super-good at planning! But I will have more fun things like animation clips or voice clips or something that I will make sure to post here in news articles each day.
Among other things, I gotta figure out what Auri's voice will be. Technically people around A* shouldn't have what we think of as regional Earth accents, due to how they got there (OMG spoilers), but I've found it hard to resist resorting to accents, both because they're fun (<3 Mick's drawl), and because I've only got my own fairly inflexible voice to work with, so I need to use every trick I can to differentiate the characters vocally. So maybe Auri will have an accent of some kind! We'll see what desperation drives me to.
I added "<< movie" text links to the episode list page, next to the movie buttons, just to make it even more obvious that there are movies here on A*! Scientists think that at some point I will reach maximum obviousness, at which point we'll reach perfect clarity and universal oneness. Om.
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