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  Moona LisaJan 07, 2011 2:50 AM PST | url
Added 2 new A* pages:You know, I used to be afraid of drawing pupils or irises or whatever you want to call them. I think I'm getting used to it, though.
I made two banner thingies out of page 106:
Image Image
Man! How clever was that? So clever.
Say, this reminds me of my own pet theory for the Mona Lisa, aka this famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci (a dude who totally would have been good at webcomics):
You know how they say Mona's eyes "follow you around the room" or something? Well not that I've ever seen it in person, but anyway I think part of it is that while the head is painted as looking off to our left, the face is painted closer to head-on, so it *feels* like it's turning, because the face is actually sort of twisting toward you out of the head. Drawing heads in two different perspectives is something I do accidentally all the time--because I start on one part, then later I'm on another part, and sort of forget which way I'd been drawing the first part pointing, exactly--but we'll give Leonardo credit and say he did it on purpose... At any rate, it worked out for him.
The focus of the eyes is tricky, too. I like to have them appearing to look directly at *you*, the viewer, but if you have the eyeballs too close together, the figure looks cross-eyed, and if they're just a hair too far apart, they appear to be looking past you--and anyway I always just have trouble getting them lined up straight with each other. Myah!
I was reading the Wikipedia Mona Lisa page and noticed some interesting factoids! For one thing, Pablo Picasso was accused of stealing it when it disappeared for a few years. Not fair to Picasso! Actually it was stolen from the Louvre in Paris--this was in 1911--by this Italian dude who believed it--the product of an Italian artist--should be in Italy rather than France. So he took it to Italy and tried to get it into museums, at which point it was confiscated, exhibited all over Italy, then returned to France later, and the guy who stole it was kind of hailed as a patriot and only got six months in jail.
Also, in 1956, the bottom half was doused in acid, and later that year another vandal threw a rock at it, knocking off a chip of paint near the elbow. Those have been fixed up pretty good, I guess.
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