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  What's cooler than gangsters?Feb 10, 2012 4:45 AM PST | url
Added 1 new A* page:Dah too late for full-on blogging. Gotta stop spending part of the day scrutinizing the methods of painstakingly photo-realistic comic artists who averaged (not making this up!) three months PER PAGE. :o But they are ink wash and they look so nice; I will go into this more when time allows 'cause it's an interesting story, there is some amazing sci-fi comic art that came out of it, and I'm also going to be adopting at least one of the main tools used.
But for this evening I'll settle for relating that in the shower yesterday I came up with details for some of the meaty scenes we'll be having here in A*'s next episode (episode 16, I mean, which isn't far off now). It ended up being a pretty long shower and I was probably close to chortling to myself at some points just thinking of the fun we'll have; all well and good although this was in the members shower at the gym and I suppose I probably got some weird looks but HEY writing isn't supposed to be easy.
Anyway I don't want to spoil anything but I will say this: space gangsters. Oh yeah. A* episode 16, don't miss it!
And because loads of text is boring here's a combo photo of two stages of penciling the main figure in today's page--the sad part is getting from one to the other probably took like an hour or something, gar:
Hm I made a few more changes after that (to the way the shirt draped over the slacks, for instance), but I had already taken what I thought were the final stage photos like three times over the past few hours so I had to stop shooting SOMEtime.
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