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A* Store: Original Art
I began producing A* traditionally, as ink wash paintings, starting with episode 13, page 136. To purchase an original piece of A* art, or just to see a photo of what it looks like, look for the "original art" button at the lower left corner of each comic image, or for the link next to many of the items in the episode galleries. New artwork produced for the A* daily comics always goes up for auction on eBay, where you have a chance to grab my newest stuff at a bargain price.
A* original artwork is made by hand the old-fashioned way: with high-quality brushes and pigments on sturdy art paper. I've tested many art supplies to find the ones that make the best-looking original artwork; if you like A* artwork online, you'll find it looks even better in the near-infinite resolution of real life.
Each piece of A* artwork for sale is ready for framing. Each one is also one of a kind, so if you find one you like, you may want to act fast to make sure you're the one who gets it.