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Welcome to the A* store, where you can get actual A* stuff:
eBay Auctions
    The watercolor paintings behind the last week of daily A* pages, and special art pieces from large to small!
Patreon original art rewards
    When someone funds A* with $10 or more a month through Patreon, each month I draw and send them an original A* drawing, from a simple pencil sketch all the way up to big watercolor paintings. : ) And there's more! At the $3 level, you get an A* e-book each month, and at the $40 level, you get a page of the original artwork used to make a page of the A* comic, each month!
Original Art
    Make a piece of A* your own by ordering the real piece of art behind your favorite A* image.
Art Prints
    Use the "buy print" link next to your favorite A* digital art piece to get it shipped to you as a glossy photo print. (I do not sell prints of artwork that was done in traditional media such as watercolor, ink, etc.)
    Download A* episodes in e-book form for convenient offline reading.
    Put some fantastic A* or space imagery on your chest.
A*'s Amazon Wish List
    The items on this Amazon wish list will help me make A* a better comic, and will be treasured dearly!
Contribute to A* development
Don't want to buy anything, but still want to get me money to keep working on A* (and don't want to do ongoing monthly support through the orange Patreon at the top of the page)? Shine on, you crazy diamond! Send me a contribution of whatever amount you like by clicking on the gold button to the left. Payment is handled by PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to contribute.
(If you happen to have a PayPal account and want a slightly even more steamlined payment interface, you also have the option of using the more personalized page.)