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A* Store: Original Art: A* episode 18: patch
You are examining the original art for A* episode 18: patch.
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Things to note!
  • If it is not already signed, I will sign the work before shipping it.
  • Sale includes the artwork only; any other items in the photo such as frames, pencils, etc, are not included.
  • The original art exists as it appears in the photo below, only in much more detail; also, the colors in the main, scanned image are more accurate than in the photo.
  • It is normal for the real artwork to feature subtle color shifts from the various pigments used, small ridges where pigment was flicked on or painted in layers, gentle undulations in the paper from a wash, and so forth, that are not visible in the digital copies. It may have other artwork or markings in the margins or on the back.
  • I retain the right to display and distribute copies of the scanned and photographed versions of the piece for display on the web site, in print, etc.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at!

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Just trying to do a nice portrait of a woman's head, maybe for putting on Etsy eventually, and not too surprisingly it comes out looking pretty much like Selenis. Hadn't planned for the eyes to come out so dark but they just seemed to need more and more ink. On 150 lb Canson Artist Series Illustration Paper, 9" x 12".

Thanks for looking!