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  Possible cheese cubesApr 08, 2010 1:32 AM PDT | url
Added 4 new A* pages:Today I got booked to have prints from my various comics shown in a swanky coffee house in my neighborhood of Ballard, in Seattle, during November and December. If this holds up there would likely be a reception shindig around the beginning of November to kick it off, so if you're nearby at that time with nothing better to do, I'd love it if you dropped by the reception to make it look like I actually have friends. We'll call each other by the wrong names and make up embarrassing art school stories, it'll be rad. There may even be free cheese cubes on toothpicks, or something like that. *If* we're lucky.
It's kind of exciting. >_> Thanks to my dad, who appointed himself my business manager, and has been tirelessly taking my prints around to local coffee houses. He's the best.
Anyway November's a long way off so who knows what could happen by then, but I'll keep you updated. If you can't wait until then to get your mitts on prints of any of the comics you see here, why, you can always click on the "buy as signed print" link next to whichever ones you like here on this very site. It's actually way easier than going out somewhere to buy them. You don't get cheese cubes, though. I think that would require much more expensive shipping.
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