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  A* postcards @ Jet City Comic Show uh today!Sep 25, 2010 3:29 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:I was really thinkin' I'd get two pages done for once in a blue Friday since the next page (omg spoiler) will share the same background and complete this darn weekend-long dangling sentence, but then I spent too much time detailing this pose. I even wasted time taking screenshots of me at work on it in Photoshop and then adding highlights and things in GIMP. (By the way you will notice I am listening to the new-to-me Goldfrapp album there. It is short but neat.)
Also I gotta get some Z's so I can be bushy-eyed and bright-tailed (actually wait I don't think there will be cosplayers there) for hitting the Jet City Comic Show here in Seattle tomorrow and trying to give away free A* postcards, among other activities. You can see a picture of what they'll have on them in the previous news post!
Hey I seem to have had a record high (or near record high?--there's that trick memory of mine) number of visitors today. Keen beans. Must be the postcards. Although wait, I only got 200 printed up, so you'll all have to per every 58 people. That's about a third of a square inch per person, almost postage-stamp size! Of paper. Hm... That could be messy.
Remember how at the beginning of this week I was going on about the extremely boring advantages of bilinear vs bicubic interpolation for webcomic graphics, and then how resizing an image in most image editing programs, such as Photoshop, results in edges being darker (lower gamma) than they should be?
I know, I know, you were trying to forget. Well, you might even remember that the author of the article that came from, Eric Brasseur, came up with a workaround for scaling images with correct gamma, and I pointed out (well after he came up with it, mind) a few errors in the proposed process, including a loss of color 1,1,1 when working with 256-color grayscale images, and an incorrect command line parameter being used. I mailed those points to Eric and he updated his article accordingly! I even got a little credit at the bottom along with a lot of other people. Thanks, Eric! Man now I am really famous on the internets.
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