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  Art, Tears, and Blood (do not try at home)Apr 02, 2011 2:05 AM PDT | url
Added 1 new A* page:Okay I have firmer details about where and when some of my framed and signed art prints--works from A*, and my other comics--are on display here in Seattle, since we hauled them over there today and talked to the owner: they will be up at the Rosebud Restaurant & Bar on Seattle's Capitol Hill from tomorrow (that is, Saturday) through the end of June (three months!). They have nineteen framed pieces from me, including a few that we couldn't fit in the show I had in Ballard in November/December (the wall there wasn't nearly as big as the one they have in Rosebud :o). They were playing background music of which I approve at the Rosebud when I was there today--youngish Sinatra and the like--and they have a bit of class with old movie star posters in their main dining room; also, numerous sleds.
There was some suggestion of some possible sort of function there on the neighborhood's Art Walk day, which is the second Thursday of the month--that would be the 14th of April--but it was a little vague so I will have to get back to you on that. But my stuff should be there starting tomorrow, so if for some reason you want to go hang out with your friends and enjoy some nice food, drinks, pleasant early vocal jazz, and my art, all in one place, you can now do that. Crazy!
Disaster! Well not really. But I managed to break my beloved Wacom Intuos3 drawing tablet this afternoon by...setting it on the floor; next I tried using it, it kept deactivating and reactivating depending on how I wiggled the USB/power cord where it goes into the tablet, so the wires must've pulled loose or got pinched there or something. Which is a shame because the rest of the tablet is built like a tank. A heavy plastic tank, anyway. Dang.
Exciting! I am getting a fancy new wireless tablet! So I had to go look for a replacement tablet and found that Wacom is now making their fancy-schmancy Intuos4 (that's one whole Intuos more than mine had!) in a wireless version. They are kind of stupid expensive, but it could mean I would never have this cord problem again, so that would make it a little more worth it! And it would be a lot handier to use on my lap, which is what I do with it. Anyway I need something with which to draw comics so I ordered one, and this cute little USB "micro" adapter to go with it.
The soonest Amazon could get them to me is Monday, though, so whereas usually in this end of the week A* news update I would be reminding you that you'll be able to check out a new page of my weekly fairy tale comic, The Princess and the Giant, on Sunday, this time I...won't have one, 'cause I won't have anything to draw with until Monday. Dang.
On the other hand that leaves me more time to finish up the A* episode 13 script for this weekend, since with all this art and breaking stuff, I haven't got it finished yet. The part I've got has been pretty fun, though; Selenis will be in an entirely new environment--socially, anyway--than we've seen her in before, and she'll need to call on different sets of skills to navigate its DEADLY HAZARDS. Okay well actually she's the deadliest part of it, may not end well. For someone. But maybe it will! I haven't written that part just yet. =P
Ooh, almost forgot that I dissected my dead old Intuos3 tablet and took gory pictures of its remains. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Not only did I sort of accidentally rip the foil circuit connecting the circuit board to some kind of vital conducting plate the second time I pried it open, thus definitely killing it off, whereas prior to that it still sort of worked if I held the cord *just so* and didn't breathe, but the third and final time I pried it open, I cut my finger a little on one of the sharp interior edges. ;_;
I bleed for you, Internet! But I got some crummy cell phone photos of the tablet's insides.
Here it is in layers (from right to left): the outer top part you draw on, the main circuit board just below that that does magic stuff, a lovely foam pad, some kind of brushed metal plate, and the plastic bottom
But where do the elves live?
Here is me failing to get a close-up of the back side of the front panel's buttons
There don't seem to be any circuits at all going into the drawing surface itself, so I guess it's really just there to support the weight of the stylus, and to feel good in contact with the stylus. The magic must happen below, maybe in this not-very-good photo of the main circuit board
(but a lovely one of my ancient and irreplaceable brown shag carpet!) You can't really tell from that photo, but those horizontal lines across the middle are all little circuits, just running back and forth behind the part on which you wave the stylus around. And here's a horrible close-up of the rear metal plate; that bronzy foil on the left is the torn ribbon circuit that had connected the metal plate to the circuit board
I guess it must create some kind of electrical field that the stylus can perturb, and those perturbations are read by the rows of circuits. Or something completely different. Yes I know nothing whatsoever about electronics! Just hope my new one that I will never ever break shows up just when I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to greet the delivery person on Monday so I can start cranking out episode 13 storyboards. =o
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